20 most influential people in Finance

ben bernankeBloomberg Markets magazine came up with its first annual list of the Most Influential 50: The people who make the most money, build the most profitable companies, shape the economic debate — and move global markets.

1. Ben S. Bernanke

U.S. Federal Reserve
With lawmakers in no mood for fiscal stimulus, Bernanke, 57, a student of the Great Depression, holds the only levers left to pull to try to boost the U.S. economy.

2. Agustin Carstens

Banco de Mexico
An unsuccessful candidate for IMF managing director, he made the case that the job no longer belongs witha European. Carstens, 53, has held rates unchanged this year as slow growth in the U.S. may damp Mexico’s economy.

3. Mario Draghi

Banca D’Italia
He replaces Jean-Claude Trichet as president of the European Central Bank on Nov. 1. Draghi, 64, has echoed Trichet in saying that Europe’s political leaders need to act more decisively to halt the sovereign-debt contagion.

4. Timothy F. Geithner

Treasury Secretary
United States
In August, Geithner, 50, asked if he could step down, and Vice President Joe Biden had to tell him no. Is he irreplaceable? Senate confirmation of a successor would be difficult.

5. Christine Lagarde

Managing Director
International Monetary Fund
The first woman to lead the International Monetary Fund is expanding her influence beyond the teetering economies of Europe.

7. Ali al-Naimi

Petroleum Minister
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Naimi, 76, is the longest- serving oil minister among OPEC members. In June, the cartel rejected his call to raise output, so Saudi Arabia ignored the decision and contacted officials in India, China and elsewhere to sell more oil.

8. Masaaki Shirakawa

Bank of Japan
Turnover in the government has made Shirakawa, who turns 62 in September, Japan’s longest-serving economic official. The inflation hawk may largely determine how much is spent on earthquake and tsunami reconstruction.

9. Wang Qishan

Vice Premier
People’s Republic of China
Rapport between Wang, 63, and Geithner has helped smooth currency and trade conflicts. Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson calls Wang “my old friend.” Wang is responsible for economic and financial affairs under Premier Wen Jiabao.

10. Elizabeth Warren

Harvard Law School
Republicans would not let her run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, her brainchild. Warren, 62, was let into the White House long enough to set it up. Now she is back at Harvard, perhaps with a Senate campaign in her future.

11. Zhou Xiaochuan

People’s Bank of China
If emerging economies are the hope for the global economy, inflation is the worry. In July, Zhou, 63, raised rates for a third time this year while saying inflation isn’t the only object of Chinese monetary policy.

12. Lloyd Blankfein

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
Goldman has had just one quarterly loss in five years under Blankfein, 57. Still, the New York–based firm also has paid the largest fine the Securities and Exchange Commission ever has levied on a Wall Street firm.

13. Robert Diamond

Barclays Plc
The American built the Barclays Capital investment bank, capping the effort with the acquisition of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s U.S. operations. The unit’s success won Diamond, 60, the top job at the London financial institution.

14. Jamie Dimon

JPMorgan Chase & Co.
The JPMorgan Chase CEO emerged from the crisis as head of the world’s third-most-profitable financial institution.

15. James Gorman

Morgan Stanley
He pitched clients more than 400 times in 2010, helping put Morgan Stanley on top in both merger advisory and equity underwriting. Gorman, 53, joined Dimon in asking regulators to consider the cumulative effect of new banking rules.

16. Stuart Gulliver

HSBC Holdings Plc
Like Diamond and Jain, Gulliver, 52, rose to the top job via the investment bank. Gulliver, however, has never worked outside HSBC, the world’s third- biggest bank by market capitalization.

17. Anshu Jain

Corporate and Investment Bank Chief
Deutsche Bank AG
He runs operations with more than 70 percent of total company revenue. The bank will split its top job rather than lose Jain, 48, a native of Jaipur, India. Co- CEO Juergen Fitschen will oversee all things German, including political duties.

18. Jiang Jianqing

Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd.
Jiang, 58, says he wants his bank to be the world’s most profitable. It’s already the most valuable by market capitalization. Jiang has formed partnerships with heavyweights such as Goldman Sachs.

19. Chanda Kochhar

ICICI Bank Ltd.
She runs India’s largest nongovernment lender. Kochhar, 49, rose through the ranks at ICICI, which launched the careers of half of the women in the top echelon of India’s banking industry.

20. Kenneth Moelis

Moelis & Co.
He left UBS AG in 2007 to build an independent investment bank. Moelis, 53, now has 550 employees in nine offices worldwide, and his firm is climbing the merger advisory league tables.


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